Leaked memo suggests Amber Rudd knew of the strict immigration targets Video


There were mounting opposition calls for Ms Rudd to quit following the leak of an internal Home Office memo suggesting she was informed of the targets, despite telling MPs she was unaware of them.

When it emerged that such targets did exist, she admitted there were regional targets, but insisted in the Commons that she had not been aware of them and would scrap the policy.

"She didn't knowingly mislead the House of Commons, but she accepted that she was inaccurate in her statements", he said.

The Windrush scandal has exploded and the Home Office is completely Rudderless and no-one steering the department, but Amber Rudd [VIDEO] herself has been keen to deflect blame away from herself. @AmberRuddHR knows the details and needs to be left to get on with it.

A Home Office source told the newspaper: 'We were gobsmacked by what she said, and that she stuck to her guns.

Ms Rudd apologised for not being aware of the targets, including 12,800 "enforced returns" past year, and said she would make a statement to MPs tomorrow to address the "legitimate questions" raised.

The memo, leaked to The Guardian, appears to contradict evidence she gave to the Home Affairs select committee just three days ago when she said she was not aware of any targets.

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"The danger is that that very broad target put pressure on Home Office officials to bundle Jamaican grandmothers into detention centres".

'It is inconceivable that Amber Rudd did not know about the targets'.

There was speculation that Ms Rudd, who is now fighting for her political life, was on the brink of resignation after she took almost eight hours to respond to a Guardian report on the leaked document. Another apology is not enough, she should take responsibility for chaos in the Home Office and resign.

But her determination to fight on amid growing calls for her resignation will be severely tested if there are further embarrassing disclosures about blunders or cover-ups over the weekend. "Amber Rudd either failed to read this memo, and has no clear understanding of the policies in her own department, or she has misled Parliament and the British people", she added.

Amber Rudd is hanging by a thread to shield the Prime Minister from her responsibilities as the initial architect of this cruel and callous approach to migration, which resulted in the Windrush scandal, she said.

Also, besides not wanting to lose her from the Home Office, she will not want to lose a prominent Remainer from her Brexit war cabinet of senior ministers, with crucial discussions on the customs union looming.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove led the defence of Ms Rudd, saying she was "a highly talented and highly effective minister" and accused Labour of trying to "weaponise" the issue.