Apple to replace 3D Touch with Cover Glass Sensor in upcoming iPhones


The 6.1-inch LCD variant is also expected to use a Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) process which will be a lot thinner. This resulted in a decline in the use of 3D touch with people not really caring about the feature. The 3D Touch is a very compelling and complex technology which makes use of special sensors that are integrated with the Apple iPhone's display.

But for now, if the newest report is to be believed, the company may be ditching 3D Touch feature in one of its upcoming iPhone handsets.

It'll also be adding in a thin-film sensor to the screen tech, but exactly what that will be capable of doing is now unclear. We are still in the dark about what this sensor is for, however, we do know it will increase the cost of the touch panel by 15%, resulting in a higher purchase price of $23 to $26.

Also since the CGS is to be the new technology that is to be incorporated, the 3D touch is surely to be replaced from the upcoming models. One of them was a 6.1-inch emphasis that would acquire components from both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models. However, in the case of 3D Touch, reportedly no other company has managed to get what Apple did.

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According to a new report by Apple watcher Ming-Chi Kuo, the company has chose to drop 3D touch from the cheapest iPhone coming this year.

Apple is planning to incorporate the CGS display technology into its future iPhones, including OLED models starting in 2019, 3D Touch might be removed from all future iPhones, as per the KGI reports.

Would you miss Apple's 3D Touch if your Phone come with the feature?

Apple recently filed to register 11 separate iPhone models and tech commentators suggest it's likely that several model numbers will be attached to each iPhone, rather than each being for an individual release.